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What is Enlightenment?

Published by the Moksha Foundation

At What Is Enlightenment? magazine, profound spiritual transformation is not just something we talk about. Its the very lifeblood of a passionate, far-reaching investigation that is taking the modern spiritual world by storm. Tackling todays most challenging spiritual questions, through interviews and dialogues with the most original and compelling spiritual teachers and thinkers of our time, each issue of What Is Enlightenment? is a mind-altering (and potentially life-altering)
voyage into the explosive mystery at the heart of the spiritual quest.

P. O. Box 2360, Lenox, MA 01240

Tel: + 1 (800) 376 3210 or (413) 637 6000

Email: wie@moksha.org

Website: http://www.wie.org

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Newsmagazine of the FPMT

P. O. Box 1778, Soquel, CA 95073, USA

Tel: + 1 (408) 476 8435

Fax: + 1 (408) 476 4823

Email: 73410.740@compuserve.com

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Le 3eme Millenaire

Revue Humaniste 3e millnaire

Science Art Philosophie de lHomme en devenir

La Revue, sa vocation et le sens de son action

Nous reconnaissons aujourdhui que lensemble du vivant, la plante elle-mme, sont lis notre devenir. Notre relation conflictuelle la Nature et au monde reproduit grande chelle la situation intrieure de chacun dentre nous. Cette situation intrieure, dsordonne sur le plan psychique (malgr souvent nos illusions cet gard) engendre invitablement des phnomnes chaotiques sur les plans sociaux, conomiques, cologiques, artistiques... Une volution de lhomme pouvant combler nos attentes secrtes est-elle possible ? 

Cette question est la racine des aspirations de la Revue Humaniste 3e millnaire : poser les bases dune cumnicit spirituelle et encourager un dialogue ouvert entre Traditions, sciences, arts et philosophies.  Lcumnisme se doit dtre spirituel et universaliste ; il doit natre la fois dune anthropologie vcue, et du tmoignage des chercheurs de Vrit dOrient comme dOccident sur lEssence originelle commune aux Traditions spirituelles et philosophiques.
Une connaissance exprientielle de soi permettra dlaborer une psychologie transpersonnelle interreligieuse, rgnratrice des sciences humaines. Cette perspective redonnera aux arts, malades dune modernit dshumanisante, le rle dune catharsis spirituelle, contribuant ainsi la gense dune authentique fraternit plantaire.

Les traditions sotriques et philosophiques apportent des aperus troublants et inexpliqus sur de nombreux sujets tels lorigine de lhomme, la formation et les dimensions du cosmos, ses niveaux dorganisation et de complexit etc. ; thmes majeurs et dactualit permanente dans les recherches scientifiques de pointe.

En outre, les problmes cologiques, dont on ne mesure pas suffisamment dans le temps ltendue et la gravit, ne trouveront de solution quen terme dune nouvelle faon dapprhender la science, fonde sur lveil en lhomme dun tout autre mode de connaissance et de conscience.

La Revue Humaniste 3e millnaire prsente, en des dossiers ou des rubriques rgulires, les grands enjeux des ralisations scientifiques, artistiques, culturelles, socio-conomiques ; et ce, dans lorientation toujours affirme dune connaissance ontologique, finalit spirituelle, de la nature de lhomme.

Site Internet : http://www.multimania.com/h3emillenaire

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Inner Directions Journal

Exploring Pathways to Awakening

The Inner Directions Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to exploring authentic ways of Self- Discovery, and the Awakening to ones essential naturein the spirit of self-inquiry.

Inner Directions produces, publishes, and distributes books, periodicals, video, and audio that reflect non-dualistic approaches to realizing That, which is eternal and infinite within us.

A spirit of integrity and independence is reflected in all of the Foundations publications and activities.

We exist primarily through the public support of people like you. Take a few minutes to visit with us and find out how you can help to sustain this meaningful work.

Join with a community of seekers that shares your dedication to the interior journey.

P. O. Box 231486, Encinitas, CA 92023

Tel.: + 1 (760) 471 5116

Fax: + + 1 (760) 471 0337

Email: mail@innerdir.org

Website: http://www.innerdir.org

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The New Renaissance Journal

Renaissance Universal

The mystery is solved!

It is we who are responsible for our future; we are making our tomorrows. Renaissance Universal is a network of people who believe that we must make an effort to improve society and the world, for ourselves and for coming generations. This involves a renaissance based on neo-humanistic values. Such a renaissance will not only redesign the major institutions of society but will foster individual growth and self-realisation as well. Renaissance Universal seeks to communicate and create expanded opportunities for concerned individuals to co-operate, discuss and channel their creative talents in positive personal and social directions.

Principles of Renaissance Universal

Neo-humanism: Respect for all living beings

When human caring expands and embraces all living beings and even the entire inanimate universe, ordinary humanism becomes neo-humanism. Neo-humanism provides a philosophical basis for building a new era of ecological balance, planetary citizenship and cosmic kinship.

Art and Science for service and self-realization

Both art and science have been misutilized in the present age. Art has the capacity to awaken social consciousness and ultimately lead a person towards self-realization. Today, however, art has become a slave of commercial interests. Science has been the method by which humanity has elevated itself in the past, but in the present era science has been misutilized to produce weapons of mass destruction. RU works to restore both art and science to their true benevolent places in society.

Social and economic justice for all

The gap between rich and poor must be closed if peaceful and prosperous society is to be established. RU promotes programmes which will guarantee the basic necessities of all people in the framework of a decentralized, cooperative and democratic economic system.

Education for liberation

True education should develop the full physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of an individual. It is not mere vocational training. RU promotes and encourages all efforts to implement progressive educational methods and systems.

Unity in diversity

Human society is one and indivisible. RU seeks to remind people of the fundamental oneness of humanity and to remove all artificial barriers keeping people apart. Local languages, cultures, history and traditions enhance the beauty of the human family and RU also strives to protect the diverse expressions of human culture.

website: http://www.ru.org

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Sophia is the journal of the Foundation for Traditional Studies

Since its appearance in 1995, Sophia has established itself as the foremost journal in the field of traditional studies in the English language. We mean here by tradition realities of ultimately sacred origin which have over the centuries provided meaning for human life, sources for authentic knowledge, principles for moral action, and inspiration for artistic creativity in various human societies throughout the world.

In the pages of Sophia one finds access to the principles and philosophies at the heart of various traditions as well as their religious practices, arts, sciences, and social structures. Through compelling and thought-provoking articles Sophia makes available in a contemporary language the extremely rich treasury of traditional wisdom and thought and provides a forum for examining the applications of these millennial traditional teachings to the contemporary situation and in the face of problems created by the advent of modernism. It publishes articles which draw on traditional metaphysics, esoterism, and the perennial philosophy as well as traditional cosmologies, the arts, the sciences, spirituality, and ethics by contributors who include the most well known expositors of the traditional perspective in the world as well as new voices in the field.

Website: http://www.sophiajournal.com

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